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Simon Baverstock, PGDip, B.A. (Hons), UKCP Accredited and Registered Psychotherapist


Be gentle with yourself. Above all else, be gentle with yourself.

You are the best friend you have. Whatever happens in the world outside, your world inside can be one of compassion, gentleness and calm.

I work with individuals weekly or more often who have profound experiences of trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, or in fact, whatever gets under your skin.

I am ready for us to explore together what you prize and regret, all that makes you brilliant, unique and capable, as well as your Achilles heel. You set the pace and the agenda. Personal growth is not always easy but with a strong, supporting alliance, you can reach attainable goals.

Congratulations if you have decided to seek support. I'm impressed. Wild horses would not have dragged me to therapy had I not first known a therapist as a friend at a time of crisis who showed me kindness. That was the start of a journey of transition that has taken me to places I would not have believed but have valued ever since. I can't guarantee your journey will be like mine but I can say that every time I've been listened to and understood I've come away feeling something precious, changed and new; I've learned that change is inevitable and that how I care for myself in the present affects how my future unfolds.

I offer psychotherapy sessions by telephone or secure online video call.

You can contact me by text, phone or email to arrange an appointment.

Please leave me a message of what you're looking for if I am unable to answer your call.

I will return your call when it is convenient. I aim to respond to all calls within 48 hours.

Intake Form

Please download and print an intake form to fill in and return it to me by post.

Statement of Understanding

Please download, print and familiarise yourself with this Statement of Understanding. It forms the basis of our contract.


I have worked with people with a wide range of experiences, some of which included PTSD, anxiety, low self esteem, bereavement, end of life, anger, obsessive behaviour, alcoholism, drug use, domestic violence, sexual violence, depression, childhood sexual abuse and panic attacks.

I welcome people who experience psychosis and Dissociative Identity Disorder.


I invite you with warmth and respect to explore subjects of your choice with me at your pace. Confidentiality will be maintained unless I believe your life or someone else's is in danger, when I am compelled to break confidentiality by a court of law, or where information disclosed during a session is of such gravity that confidentiality cannot reasonably be expected to be maintained, for example, in cases of fraud or crime.

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I charge from £40 for each session of sixty minutes duration. You may pay by cash, cheque or BACS bank transfer.

I have appointments available from 8:30am to 8pm weekdays excluding Wednesdays.

I appreciate 48 hours notice of session cancellations. If you cancel a session with less than 48 hours notice the full fee is payable.

I am a full clinical member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy and abide by the UKCP Code of Ethics which may be found below.

You can find more information about Relational Psychotherapy online here:

Relational Psychotherapy
UKCP Code of Ethics

If you feel in need of immediate support may I suggest you speak to your GP or one of the organisations listed here:


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About me

I began working with clients in 2012 while training for a diploma in Integrative Relational Psychotherapy at Scarborough Counselling and Psychotherapy Training Institute.

In 2014 I co-founded Northern Lights Therapy Service in Scarborough which specializes in the treatment of adults who have profound childhood experience of sexual abuse, neglect, domestic and/or sexual violence, trauma and exploitation. I remain a director in practice there.

I gained a B.A. (Honours) degree in Theology and Christian ministry in 1997 and have worked in drug and alcohol rehabilitation and youth work with periods in the leisure and manufacturing industries.

In my spare time I enjoy the natural beauty of the countryside, gardening and stained glass.


Contact: 07776 902218 or 07969 756876 or info@simonbav.clinic